Shane Roots in Concert

Shane Rootes – Guitarist, Session Player, Artist, Producer

“Ever grateful to dB down for manufacturing a world class product.  Every venue I play, brings with it unique challenges relating to how ‘live’ the room is.  dB down’s iso cab, allows me to get the sound I need, from tubes doing what they do best, without my amp volume being overly loud stage wise.  I can’t say enough about this great product.  If you want to play a tube amp, where the tubes are really working…. then you need dB down’s iso cab.”

Shane plays and has full endorsements with Lowden Guitars, Godin Guitars, D’Addario, Radial Engineering, Eventide, Source Audio, Pigtronix, XY Midi, Sennheiser, DB Down, AER Amplification, Orange Amplification, and Wedgie Picks.